Green clothing: cool and conscious

Green Clothing

You do not have to sacrifice style for responsibility when you purchase green clothing at There are attractive clothes for everyone in the family made from great materials such as organic cotton, bamboos, hemp and even soy. You will find shoes, hats and even ties and scarves as well as the everyday necessities such as skirts, pants and tops for men and women. There are even cute green clothing choices for kids and babies.

Hemp clothing: shirts, shorts and more

Hemp Clothing Shirts Shorts

Hemp produces an amazing fiber that can be used in a variety of ways, including green clothing production. This leads to all natural hemp clothing. Shirts, shorts, dresses and more can be made of hemp based materials, which can be blended with other fibers as well. People have made clothes for centuries from hemp and it is a great fabric for making attractive, durable clothing. You will find a great selection of hemp clothing, shirts, shorts, shoes and more, at

Bamboo clothing and more

Of course, there are other natural, sustainable resources to make fabrics from besides hemp. Cotton is an incredible resource and is great for baby clothes as well as grown up fashions. Wool and soy based fabrics are additional options. Bamboo clothing is a cool eco friendly choice that many are not familiar with in the United States. Fibers from bamboo can be used to make soft yarns and fabric that have natural anti-bacterial properties. Bamboo yarn is perfect for many knit products and is found throughout the world.

After you have completed your core wardrobe, do not forget the awesome and environmentally conscious accessories available at You will find bags, purses, scarves, ties and even jewelry to complete your look. From natural cotton and bamboo clothing to recycled glass bracelets and earrings, you will find great fashions for the entire family online at